Friday, May 27, 2022

Storyteller's Journey

Claude Monet's home in Giverny - 2014

A Writing Update

Since my husband and I continue to upgrade our "new" home - and as I continue to recover from arthroscopic knee surgery a few weeks ago - my daily writing routine had been pushed off track. 

But recently, I've been inspired to put my writing as top priority once again, so I thought I'd post an update on my current work in progress.

As I've mentioned on this blog numerous times, I've completed a middle grade time-travel novel some time ago; it is the first book in a proposed series. Each novel sets my protagonist in a different country and meeting a famous inspirational character. (The first novel found my protagonist in England, and meeting Winston Churchill.) So, while I continue to query literary agents for the first book, I've decided to begin drafting the second novel in the series which is set in France, and in which Livvi Biddle and her friends meet Claude Monet at his home.

When we visited Giverny in the Normandy region of France in 2014, I took copious notes. (When we returned home, I continued my research by reading several books on Claude Monet and his home and gardens.)

So, now all these years later, I am finally ready to put pen to paper to create the second book in my Livvi Biddle series. While I've outlined the entire seven book series - and roughly outlined this book set in France - it's been exciting to find myself back in the time-travel world I created and to spend time with my characters - my old friends.

I had thought I'd wait to write this story until the first book was published. However, I now believe I should just proceed with the second book and maintain my momentum.

Wish me luck, as I go back in time to converse with Claude Monet!