Monday, May 9, 2022

Bibliophile's Corner

The Ogress and the Orphans
by Kelly Barnhill

Flap Copy Description:
Maybe, the Ogress thought, this was a place where she could belong.
Stone-in-the-Glen, once a lovely town, has fallen on hard times. Fires, floods, and other calamities have caused the people to lose their library, their school, their park, and even their neighborliness. The people have put their faith in the Mayor, a dazzling fellow who promises he alone can help. After all, he is a famous dragon slayer. (At least, no one has seen a dragon in his presence.) Only the clever children of the Orphan House and the kindly Ogress at the edge of town can see how dire the town's problems are.
Then one day a child goes missing from the Orphan House. At the Mayor's suggestion, all eyes turn to the Ogress. The Orphans know this can't be: the Ogress, along with a flock of excellent crows, secretly delivers gifts to the people of Stone-in-the-Glen.
But how can the orphans tell the story of the Ogress's goodness to people who refuse to listen? And how can they make their deluded neighbors see the real villain in their midst?

My Thoughts:
Kelly Barnhill has written several novels for children; her best-known is The Girl Who Drank the Moon, which won the Newbery Medal in 2017. Her most recent release is The Ogress and the Orphans; once again, Ms. Barnhill has penned an extraordinary middle grade novel! Clean, crisp text bring the author's exquisite storytelling style front and center. The diverse cast of characters and old-world setting add to the mystique of this enchanting tale featuring themes of generosity and love. I highly recommend The Ogress and the Orphans to readers aged eight to twelve.

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