This update page will give you the very latest on my writing, and any new books that might be on the way. You're also welcome to visit my website: www.victorialindstrom.com

What kind of books do I write?
I enjoy writing for middle grade readers, but I would never rule out the possibility of writing for young adults, and even adults in the future. I enjoy writing light fantasy, time travel, & including a bit of the natural world in my stories. I have also collaborated with my artist/husband, Michael Lindstrom, to create two illustrated short stories - Lindstrom Wintertime Tales. (See below.)

What kind of books do I enjoy reading?
I am a bibliophile. I enjoy reading picture books, middle grade novels, young adult novels, and adult novels. Historical fiction novels and biographies also interest me, as well as poetry.

Have I always wanted to write?
Yes, but not as a vocation until 2007. I worked for many years as a dental hygienist, until I sustained a career-ending wrist injury. I had already had two poems published during my "dentistry days" and so I decided to go back to college for a few creative writing courses. To be honest, I wish I had pursued this path long ago.

What books have I written? What am I currently working on?
My debut children's book was The Scandinavian Santa, with illustrations by Michael Lindstrom. It released in Sept. 2014 from Deeds Publishing. The Tale of Willaby Creek - a middle grade novel - released in June 2015 from Thistleberry Books. Our second Wintertime Tale - Journey to Snowdonia - released in September 2017. In the fall of 2020 The Night of the North was also published by Thistleberry Books. My work in progress is The Whim of Winter - another illustrated short story. I'm also revising a middle grade fantasy/ historical fiction novel for a proposed series - it's entitled: Livvi Biddle and the Sibylline Scroll. During NaNoWriMo of 2020 I completed another middle grade novel enetiled: The Rabbit of Rouen - another historical fiction novel for middle grade readers, that also needs revising.

What is a normal day like for me?
I usually do my household chores, errands, and volunteer work in the morning. After that, I begin social networking and blogging. Classical music is constantly playing in our home - I find it inspiring. I leave the afternoon to write - my friends and family have been told not to contact me between the hours of one and four. After dinner I usually read, while my husband paints with oils. We watch very little television, and when we do it's usually PBS!

What are my hobbies? Besides reading, I enjoy visiting art galleries with my husband, watching DVD movies, but most of all, being out in nature! Below is a photo of me in the woods near our home.

Thanks for stopping by Writ of Whimsy! Hope to see you again soon!