Monday, May 16, 2022

Bibliophile's Corner

My Own Lightning
by Lauren Wolk

Flap Copy Description:
It's been several months since the tragic events set in motion by bully Betty Glengarry, and the routine of daily life in Wolf Hollow has slowly returned. But for Annabelle McBride it's hard to move forward and make peace with what feels like thread-bare justice.
Newly warm summer days are about to bring a jolt of change on the winds of a powerful storm. In its wake, the search for her brother's missing dog will set Annabelle on a new path that brings her to unfamiliar doorsteps and reunites her with a too-familiar adversary - Andy Woodberry, who was complicit in Betty's most terrible acts. Growing up and blazing her own trail will soon force Annabelle to reexamine deeply felt truths - about people, about justice, about herself - that had once seemed so uncomplicated. 

My Thoughts:
With a touch of magical realism, author Lauren Wolk's My Own Lightning is a worthy sequel to her Newbery Honor winning novel, Wolf Hollow. This poignant tale includes a protagonist that is kind and courageous, and brave enough to examine her own prejudgments of others. Set in Pennsylvania during World War II, this lyrical slice of Americana is historical fiction at its finest. My Own Lightning is a middle grade novel not to miss. I highly recommend it to readers aged eight to eighty!

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