Friday, October 8, 2021

Storyteller's Journey

A New World

It wasn't a snap decision when my husband Michael and I decided to move to the rural backwoods of our county. However, even though we knew that the change would be challenging, we didn't realize all the joys that would also come our way. 

* The "quiet" that you hear is awe-inspiring. Just that one element of our new world is enough to calm the mind and inspire the soul.

* We both expected that the rural country would be full of crazy right-wing conservatives. (I hate to admit that, but it's true.) At least where we live, nothing could be further from the truth. While people are more independent, for the most part they are "middle-of-the-road" folks, as are we. It's been a reminder as to why it's best not to pre-judge.

* Learning to be more independent is invigorating. Whether it's the utility trailer we purchased to haul away our own yard debris, or staying warm next to the pellet stove in our country kitchen, living away from the hubbub of city life causes you to be more engaged in your personal day to day existence.

* We also figured that to enjoy a night out we'd need to return to the big city. Again, we were wrong! Vineyards, pubs, and restaurants are not only prevalent, but some are quite chic. Like the restaurant that is attached to its vineyard; where they have live music playing on the weekends - cool music too!

* I even recently met a fellow writer. While she doesn't write for children, we have so much in common. I'm sure I'll be spending time with the lovely lady again.

All in all, Michael and I are asking ourselves: "Why did we wait so long to make the move?" Probably because we're both firstborns and getting us to choose to change is a major feat.

While we are basking in these blessings, it's not all been positive. Next week I'll touch on a few of the unexpected challenges I've faced so far.