Monday, October 18, 2021

Bibliophile's Corner

The Edge of Strange Hollow
by Gabrielle K. Byrne

Flap Copy Description:

Poppy Sunshine isn't like everyone else in Strange Hollow. She's not afraid of the Grimwood, home to magical creatures like shape-shifters, faeries, witches, and even a three-headed dog.
Banned from the wood by her parents, Poppy longs to learn everything about it and imagines joining her mother and father as they hunt the forest's cursed magical objects. So when her only family disappears on a routine expedition, she and her friends must break every rule to save them. But Poppy soon discovers that things in the Grimwood are rarely what they seem...
And the monsters who took her parents may not be monsters at all.

My Thoughts:
If your child loves stories featuring magical creatures, then The Edge of Strange Hollow is one not to miss! This enchanting adventure seems to jump off the page, and no wonder with the master storytelling skills of Gabrielle K. Byrne. Like most great middle grade books, this one includes themes of family and friendship, while leading the reader into a world of fantasy. I highly recommend The Edge of Strange Hollow to readers aged eight and up.

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