Monday, October 11, 2021

Bibliophile's Corner

The Scarecrow
by Beth Ferry illustrated by 
The Fan Brothers

Flap Copy Description:
All the animals know not to mess with old Scarecrow. But when a small, scared crow falls from midair, Scarecrow does the strangest thing...
Bestselling author Beth Ferry and the widely acclaimed Fan Brothers present this tender and affectionate tale that reminds us of the comforting power of friendship and the joy of helping others.

My Thoughts:
Ms. Ferry has woven a wonderful tale of unexpected friendship; for as we all know, people - and scarecrows - are not always what they seem. This beautiful picture book was exquisitely illustrated by Terry Fan and Eric Fan. (I must admit, when I saw the words, The Fan Brothers on the cover, I knew I had to purchase it!) I highly recommend The Scarecrow. If you have a small child, this is the perfect book for autumn - or to read with the family leading into Thanksgiving. 

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