Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sentimental Serendipity

Last Memorial Day weekend Michael and I spent time at the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site in our community of Vancouver,WA. U.S.A. This town is rich in history - I thought I would share just a bit of it with you.

Fort Vancouver was placed on the north side of the Columbia River by Great Britain's Hudson's Bay      Company  in 1825. Inside the fort were living quarters, a trade store, fur storage, a doctor's office, & various other buildings.

This British style garden replicates part of the five acre garden that existed nearly 200 years ago. The influence of Great Britain still runs deep here; as Queen Victoria's birthday is still celebrated annually in grand style.

Great Britain lost control over the territory which is now Washington State in the Treaty of 1846. The U.S. Army arrived in 1849. The Hudson's Bay Company moved north to Victoria in 1860.

It was a great day of writing for me, and painting for Michael. Our historic community is a source of great
inspiration. Although our town shares its name, Vancouver, with our neighbors in Canada - we have a rich heritage of our own to be proud of!