Friday, February 10, 2017

Storyteller's Journey

Photo Credit: Public Domain
How Hemingway Helped Me

When I asked my personal editor (my son) to take another look at my rewritten middle grade novel, he was glad to do so. However, prior to sending it to him we had a long chat about what I needed from him. (I love our "literary chats;" it's one of the things that has strengthened our relationship.) After a long discussion about my novel, Kevin mentioned that using the "Hemingway" app might be beneficial for us.

That writer resource was unfamiliar to me, but I said, "sure." By the way, if you've not heard of it either, and would like to learn more, click here for an informative article about the app from The New Yorker.

To put it mildly "Hemingway" has really helped me! If you, too, would like to check out this writer resource, click here to download the app.