Monday, February 6, 2017

Bibliophile's Corner

The Fate of the Tearling
by Erika Johansen

Amazon Description:
In less than a year, Kelsea Glynn has grown from an awkward teenager into a powerful monarch and a visionary leader.

And as she has come into her own as the Queen of the Tearling, she has transformed her realm. But in her quest to end corruption and restore justice, she has made many enemies - chief among them the evil and feared Red Queen, who ordered the armies of Mortmesne to march against the Tear and crush them.

To protect her people from such a devastating invasion, Kelsea did the unthinkable - naming the Mace, the trusted head of her personal guards, Regent in her place, she surrendered herself and her magical sapphires to her enemy. But the Mace will not rest until he and his men rescue their sovereign from her prison in Mortmesne.

So, the endgame has begun and the fate of Queen Kelsea - and the Tearling itself - will be revealed...

My Thoughts:
Very few novels in a series make me record on my calendar when the sequel will be released - The Fate of the Tearling was one of them! In this thrilling conclusion to her story, we see yet another complex adventure from Erika Johansen. What I think I love best about Ms. Johansen's novels (The Queen of the Tearling & The Invasion of the Tearling were the first two in the series) is that her characters are extremely authentic, and her plot is too. She doesn't create perfect people or wrap up her stories with tidy endings. They seem real. I'm not the only one who feels this way, either. Famed actress, Emma Watson, has signed on to not only star as Kelsea, the protagonist, in the film adaptation, but as the producer as well. (Click here to learn more.) I highly recommend all three novels by Ms. Johansen to young adult readers - of all ages - who love tales of magic and adventure!