Friday, June 3, 2022

Storyteller's Journey

Our Artsy Family!
If you're a writer, or any sort of creative, really, it's essential to have a network of supporters around you for your emotional welfare. I am extremely blessed to have my network be my own family!

My son David is a super special soul. He's not only talented, but he's also compassionate and kind. Speaking, teaching, and writing screenplays are just a few of his interests. He recently embarked on a new business venture; we wish him the best of luck!

Here's a photo of David playing bass guitar - he's quite good. Playing music on Sunday mornings at his church is one way he gives back, as well as counseling young people. (He has his Master's of Divinity.)

Our daughter-in-law, Jessica, has brought joy and energy to our family! She's so sweet, and talented too. She enjoys creating all sorts of art, as well as writing and singing songs. She's such a wonderful life partner for David; we love her!

In addition to her creative talents, she's also an entrepreneur! She's done hair and make-up for celebrities while she and David lived in Southern California. I'm so glad she now has her own salon nearby; I couldn't deal with my hair without her help!
You can find Jessica on Instagram at: @Jessicamakesmepretty.
Her website:

Our second son, Kevin, is a wizard at many things! Not only is he proficient on the piano, he's also a writer - he makes his living at it. Writing commercials, short stories, and video games helps him pay the bills while he works on his own novel.

If that wasn't enough, Kevin has performed improv comedy in Seattle, and recently tried his hand at stand-up in Tucson. He's also a Spanish translator, a shaman, and has his Master's degree in Business. (Pictured in center.)
Our youngest son, Brian, has loved music most of his life. He received his Master's of Music Composition from New York University, and currently performs with his band, Liezer in the NYC area. (Pictured in center.)

While Brian loves performing, he's obsessed with composing minimalist music. He even wrote a piece for my husband, Michael's, 50th birthday celebration  - and had a string quartet perform it!

However, by far my biggest supporter is my husband, fine artist, Michael Lindstrom. He's been blessed to have received many awards for his oil paintings, but it's his heart that truly matters. There are times when I can't even believe that I'm still writing; if not for Michael's encouragement, I'm not sure I would be. 

After all these years of writing full time, and hoping for agent representation, it's become even more clear to me how blessed I am right now. Having the love and support of my family is all I really need.

It was great to have our family together earlier this week for a rare dinner together!