Monday, June 13, 2022

Bibliophile's Corner

Becoming A Gardener
What Reading and Digging Taught Me About Living
by Catie Marron

Goodreads Description:
To make her new house in Connecticut truly feel like home, Catie Marron decided to create a garden. But while she was familiar with landscape design, she had never grown anything. A dedicated reader with a lifelong passion for literature, Marron turned to the library of gardening books she'd collected to glean advice from a variety of writers on gardening and horticultural topics both grand and small...

A delightful blend of informed, personal reflection, and practical advice, Becoming A Gardener explores topics as varied as the composition of dirt, the agricultural wisdom of avid kitchen gardeners George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, the healing power of digging in the soil, and the beauty of finding solace in nature...

My Thoughts:
While my reviews are predominantly of children's books, I do occasionally feature an adult title that I particularly enjoyed; Becoming A Gardener is definitely in that category. Since my husband and I purchased a new house last year, one that also needed work both within our property as well as the structure, I could relate with Ms. Marron's narrative. Additionally, her love of literature - including children's books, which she featured in this book - also resonated. Finally, her passion to create a garden was a subject that I myself am in the midst of doing. All of the above subjects coalesced to be a timely read for me. The fine art included in Becoming a Gardener also made this publication an extraordinary tome. I highly recommend this book to lovers of literature, nature, fine art, and, of course, gardening!

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