Monday, November 22, 2021

Bibliophile’s Corner

Midnight in Everwood
By M. A.Kuzniar

Flap Copy Description:
It was a rainy day that the magic came, and once magic has entered your life, you stay in its glittery clutch forever. 

Nottingham 1906

Marietta Stelle longs to be a ballerina but, as Christmas draws nearer, her dancing days are numbered - she must marry and take up her place in society in the New Year. But, when a mysterious toy maker, Dr. Drosselmeier, purchases a neighbouring townhouse, it heralds the arrival of magic and wonder in Marietta’s life.

After Drosselmeier constructs an elaborate theatrical set for her final ballet performance on Christmas Eve, Marietta discovers it carries magic all of its own - a magic darker than anyone could imagine. As the clock chimes midnight, Marietta finds herself transported from her family’s ballroom to a frozen sugar palace, silent with secrets, in a forest of snow-topped fir trees. She must find a way to return home before she’s trapped in Everwood’s enchanting grip forever.

My Thoughts:
I discovered Midnight in Everwood on the Twitter page of a literary agent based in London. Everything I read about the book intrigued me, so I ordered my hardback copy through Book Depository in the U.K. (since only paperback & eBook are available in the States right now.) I’m so glad I did; I will re-read this extraordinary novel every winter. I kept thinking of Ms. Kuzniar’s book as a cross between The Snow Queen and the The Nutcracker. Which only makes sense since it’s a reimagining of The Nutcracker, obviously amidst snow, magic, and wonder at Christmastime. I highly recommend adults read Midnight in Everwood this holiday season. Brava, M.A. Kuzniar!

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