Friday, January 4, 2019

Storyteller's Journey

2018 Reflections

In some ways, I prefer to look to the future, rather than reflect on the chaotic year we all just lived through. But, as 2018 concluded, a brilliant thought dawned on me.

In the midst of political turmoil, human suffering, an excused murder, and on and on, I had to choose to notice the good stories that were also occurring, lest I'd lose hope in humanity altogether.

That is a brilliant thought. The stretching of my heart and mind.

To maintain a positive outlook, and to keep hoping that our world might one day return to at least the level of civility we all once knew, took discipline...noticing the positives in the midst of so many negatives.

While to some more cynical, that might seem to be a stretch - just to find something to be positive about. However, I don't believe that.

Whether our world returns to a better place this year, or the next, it will improve. And when it does, maintaining a more positive outlook will still be necessary. Our world is becoming smaller, and more diverse all the time. Each of us will need to maintain the practice of seeing the positives, rather than the negatives, in each other, if our society is to remain a democracy. A place where our children and grandchildren will want to live. I believe that is possible, but it will require that each of us realize our importance in that process. Every single soul matters.

When I reflect on 2018, I think of it as a year that helped me become a bit better person. I hope to keep practicing a more positive outlook. I believe that maintaining that mindset is our best hope for the future.

Wishing each of you a positive outlook in 2019!