Friday, January 13, 2017

Storyteller's Journey

Creating an Illustration
Over the holidays we finally completed the illustrations for my upcoming book: Journey to Snowdonia - it's set to be released in autumn.

While I say "we" it's really my husband, Michael Lindstrom, who is the artist. However, I am also involved since I ask him to create specific compositions. The photo shown above is a still life we set up to compose a painting that displayed two magical amulets and a vintage can of cinnamon. (The two main characters, who are siblings: Henry & Harriet, receive the amulets as a gift in the spice tin.) Since it's such a specific concept, we set up the still life with the appropriate objects so Michael would have something tangible to see while he painted.

Prior to setting up the still life, Michael had to drill holes in the slate tiles that would make our amulets. (Home Depot was a great resource. Since slate is a component in my Welsh holiday tale, the tiles were perfect.) I then added the red ribbon to create a necklace. (Red is the main color in this story's art.) Why he doesn't have his safety glasses on in this photo, I do not know!

I like the result so much that I may have him make more "amulets" to give away as swag. However, I couldn't assure the recipient that there is any magic in the amulet!

8x10 oil on panel - Michael Lindstrom - Copyright 2017
Here's the finished painting. Since each composition is photographed in high resolution the image we will use for the book looks much more vibrant and clear - but this helps give you an idea of what the process entails.

I am so grateful for having my husband, Michael, create the artwork for my books - it's such a blessing! I'm extremely busy right now working with the book's formatter, printer, and of course, its illustrator.

More updates on our next book, Journey to Snowdonia, soon!