Monday, January 23, 2017

Bibliophile's Corner

The Secret Keepers
by Trenton Lee Stewart

Amazon Description:
Eleven-year-old Reuben spends his days exploring, hiding, and practicing parkour among the abandoned buildings of the Lower Downs as a way to escape the rough times that have befallen him and his mom--but his discovery of an extraordinary antique pocket watch changes everything. When Reuben finds that the watch has the power to turn him invisible, he's propelled on the adventure of a lifetime.
Now Reuben is being pursued by a group of dangerous men called the Directions, and someone--or something--ominously called The Smoke. They all want the watch, and with the help of new friends, it's up to Reuben to unravel the mysteries surrounding it and protect the city from evil.

My Thoughts:
Trenton Lee Stewart - the author of The Mysterious Benedict Society Series - has penned another amazing novel for middle grade readers! The Secret Keepers is full of adventure, mystery, and magic; its characters are highly developed and riveting. The complex plot will keep readers of all ages guessing, right up to the last paragraph. I highly recommend The Secret Keepers to readers aged eight to eighty!

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