Monday, September 11, 2023

Bibliophile's Corner

by C.C.Harrington

Flap Copy Description:
A Snow Leopard.
A Child.
An Ancient Forest
When fates collide, the unimaginable can happen...
Maggie Stephens's stutter makes school especially hard. She will do almost anything to avoid speaking in class or calling attention to herself. So when her unsympathetic father threatens to send her away for so-called "treatment," she reluctantly agrees to her mother's intervention plan: a few weeks in the fresh air of Wildoak Forest, visiting a grandfather she hardly knows. It is there, in an extraordinary twist of fate, that she encounters a abandoned snow leopard cub, an exotic gift to a wealthy Londoner that proved too wild to domesticate. But once the cub's presence is discovered by others, danger follows, and Maggie soon realizes that time is running out, not only for the leopard, but for herself and the forest as well.

My Thoughts:
Wildoak is a wonderful new middle grade novel with a protagonist you'll want to embrace. While Maggie's stutter has made it difficult to make friends, she has a gift for befriending animals. As her adventure unfolds, she not only learns to speak up for herself, but she also has an impact on the whole community around her. I highly recommend Wildoak to readers aged eight to twelve!

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