Friday, December 3, 2021

Storyteller’s Journey

My Patronus?

Right from a very young age I was drawn to deer. (The photo on the left shows me with my mom at the San Diego Zoo.) Even the first movie I can recall seeing was Bambi, by Walt Disney.

This photo was taken a few months after the onset of the Covid 19 Pandemic - the deer are standing in the front yard of the urban home we lived in at that time. The deer sighting that morning was extraordinary.

Even when we purchased our new home last summer, the deer were there waiting for me. Why do I mention this awesome connection with these beautiful animals? 

Recently I was inspired to loosely outline a new story idea featuring a stag. Right now the working title is THE STAG OF WINTERWOOD and would be a Lindstrom Wintertime Tale. (If you’re not familiar with those, they’re short stories that my artist husband has illustrated.)

It occurs to me that whether It’s a coincidence, or something the universe has orchestrated, I now half expect to see a deer at every turn. So, to be inspired to write a story about a stag totally falls under the heading of “write what you know.” As the story gains substance I’ll share more. For now I’m just wondering if my patronus is a deer!