Monday, September 20, 2021

Bibliophile's Corner

The Blue Hour
by Isabelle Simler

Goodreads Description:
A lovely and tranquil celebration of nature.
The sun has set, the day has ended, but the night hasn't quite arrived yet. This magical twilight is known as the blue hour. Everything in nature sky, water, flowers, birds, foxes comes together in a symphony of blue to celebrate the merging of night and day.

My Thoughts:
Since the color of blue is a passion of mine, when I see a children's book that features that color in some way, I always take a look. The Blue Hour did not disappoint! The lovely text addresses all sorts of creatures who can be seen at twilight, and who in some way represent the color blue - and  Ms. Simler's artwork is exquisite! This award-winning book would be a great addition to the library in your home.

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