Friday, April 30, 2021

Storyteller's Journey

Earth's Energy

One of my favorite things to do for enjoyment - and to energize my soul - is to spend time amongst the multitude of trees that are so prevalent in the Pacific Northwest.

Last weekend my husband and I had the opportunity to do a bit of nature walking, just thirty minutes from our home. What a treat it was to see this doe and her two fawns. It was just this sort of encounter that inspired me to write The Tale of Willaby Creek nearly a decade ago. The energy of Earth, and that of her creatures, has always been like a sacred ingredient to my happiness. When I'm in that mindset, I'm more likely to be at peace, and also more likely to create something I value.

You'd think that knowing my affinity for nature I would always make time to spend time in the out of doors. Unfortunately, days slip by, one by one, each day looking much the same as the next. 

As I mentioned in my blog post last Friday, I'm just now slowly getting back to my "normal life," after taking a break to regain my passion to create. For me to fully do that, I must carve out regular chunks of time to walk amongst the tall timbers that grace Washington State.

What activity helps you maintain your passion to create?