Friday, March 12, 2021

Storyteller's Journey

Creating and Consuming Content

One of the many things I've learned during the last year is how easy it is to consume too much online content. The pandemic, and the isolation it has brought upon us, has left us searching for ways to keep our minds occupied and our hearts inspired. It's easy to set our eyes upon the nearest screen.

However, it seems to me, like so many things in life, that a balance is essential when it comes to content. We must create, as well as consume content if we're to be healthy. Heaping large amounts of knowledge into our brains, without generating any creativity, I believe, is dangerous. We've all met people who act like experts on a subject because they read a book about that topic. It's easy to do. Grappling with today's challenges, and determining what is most important to us, is essential. Otherwise we'll simply become human sponges, soaking up the most prevalent content. (I wonder if that phenomena contributed to the epidemic of conspiracy thinking that's everywhere right now!)

Creativity seems to flow from a person's soul, as well as their mind. There is ownership involved when we create anything of an original nature. That process engages our whole being, and contributes to our overall health. In the midst of the still-lingering chaos and disease, it's a good reminder that creativity can be a balm to our hearts and minds.