Monday, March 15, 2021

Bibliophile's Corner

The Elephant
by Peter Carnavas

Flap Copy Description:
When Olive's dad drags himself to work in the morning, the elephant goes with him. When he comes home again, so does the elephant. It's always there, heavy and silent, casting a shadow of sadness over him. Olive can't stand to see her father burdened like this. With help from her grandfather and her best friend Arthur, she hatches a plan to rid her family of the elephant once and for all. Before long, she'll learn that while happiness isn't that simple, small things can move mountains - or elephants.

My Thoughts:
This lovely little book takes on a big subject - depression - in a very subtle way. Mr. Carnavas has penned a story that gives children a peek at mental illness, without frightening them; he uses an elephant as a metaphor for depression. The protagonist, Olive, learns how little acts of love and kindness can make a real difference in the life of her father. I highly recommend The Elephant to children of all ages!