Monday, November 4, 2019

Bibliophile's Corner

Dear Mr. President
by Sophie Siers and
Anne Villeneuve

Flap Copy Description:
Sam has a problem - he has to share his bedroom with an older brother who is messy, noisy, and just generally annoying. Then he hears about the president's plans to build a border wall. What a perfect solution to his problem - he'll build a wall across the middle of the room to keep his utterly undesirable brother out!

In a series of letters addressed to the president, Sam shares his plans, debates the pros and cons of building a wall, learns about walls built throughout the ages, and begins to see the value of compromise...

My Thoughts:
This recently released picture book is fantastic! It deals with sibling rivalry, and is a subtle political satire. Dear Mr. President will offer the opportunity to discuss with your child issues of tolerance, learning to live with others, and the importance of recognizing other points of view. This beautifully illustrated picture book is extremely relevant in the U.S. today. I highly recommend it to young readers of all ages!

(This book was also released under the title of Dear Donald Trump.)

Click here to learn about the author, Sophie Siers.
Click here to learn about the illustrator, Anne Villeneuve.