Friday, September 27, 2019

Storyteller's Journey

Photo by Victoria Lindstrom
September and a New Start

Like many writers, I find I slip into the mode of student when September rolls around. I can almost smell the #2 pencils and vintage Pee-Chees as I pen this post. Consequently, I believe my unconscious self feels it's time to do the work of a scribe - no matter what. Recently, my writer friends and I got together for our annual write-out at my home and I was super-inspired to begin a new project - which I did. It's the second book in my proposed MG fantasy series.

(By the way, if you're a new visitor to Writ of Whimsy, you should know that I use my Friday posts primarily as an online journal. Thus, the name: Storyteller's Journey! That being said, I also enjoy posting tidbits for writers, and other important writerly subjects I want to explore.)

If you know me at all, you know I love having multiple projects in process - several irons in the fire, if you will. So far on my storyteller's journey this has been the best approach for me. While I know I need to be a consistent writer to be a professional author, I do like having the choice of what to work on. That being said, once I get lost in the setting and premise of a children's story, I tend to stay there for some time.

This current project didn't arise out of thin air. My husband and I traveled to Europe in 2014 in large part to allow me to research possible future projects set in England, France, Italy, & Scotland. Also, since this past summer I worked to polish the first book in the Livvi Biddle Series, I've got Livvi on my mind! (Below is my attempt at art.)

Livvi Biddle - by Victoria Lindstrom
The above digital art was only meant to serve as a bit of a reminder as to what I envision my protagonist to look like - since I couldn't find an online image that satisfied me. However, this doesn't satisfy me either!

In any event, I'm glad to be so inspired this September; I hope to complete the first draft of this second book by the end of the year.

Wishing each of you a great season of writing and/or creating!