Monday, June 3, 2019

Bibliophile's Corner

The Orphans of Normandy
by Nancy Amis

Flap Copy Description:
Allons, enfants, vite, vite! When the Allies invaded Normandy on June 6, 1944, one hundred orphaned girls were forced to flee their orphanage in Caen, France, the only home many of them had ever known. They began a trek on foot to a safer location, to Beaufort-en-Vallée, a town one hundred and fifty miles away. As the war raged on all sides of them, the girls, led by their teachers, bravely marched south, keeping one step ahead of the fighting and waving little white flags for protection. Told through their own drawings and words, this moving and timely book details their experiences on their journey to safety.

My Thoughts:
This book came across my path as I was researching the children of France during World War II; The Orphans of Normandy is a fantastic debut for Nancy Amis! Reproductions of the original words and drawings by the orphaned girls tell the harrowing true story of their escape from Caen, France, to safety. I highly recommend this picture book to all young readers; it's a great way to introduce children to the importance of the Allies' invasion on D Day, as well as the cost of war.

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