Friday, February 8, 2019

Storyteller's Journey

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Creative Cross Training

Our son Kevin is staying with us for a season, and since he's been here I've enjoyed: our occasional chats about writing; listening to his account of his time in Peru; and definitely the improv classes he's been teaching our family!

After my sons David and Kevin receive the word, "environment" from me, they attempt to create a skit. In this class Kevin was teaching us some principles of improv structure. (Yes, there is structure!)

What has dawned on me during these improv classes, is the importance of creative cross training. While every writer needs to master her craft, learning, or even just practicing, another creative endeavor is a great way to clear the cobwebs of your mind. As with participating in an exercise regime at a gym (which I'm still struggling to do!), using other muscles than the ones you're interesting in toning or building, creates better health and a more balanced approach.

When we engage in creative cross training, aspects of our writing come to light in a new way. The improv classes have revealed to me - in a different way - the importance of one scene leading to the next. There are other principles of writing that I've thought about as well, following the classes. However, it doesn't need to be improv classes.

I've also benefitted from a variety of different creative endeavors:

1- Playing my flute
2- Sewing
3- Gardening
4- Drawing
5- Painting
6- Writing Poetry; Journaling
7- Writing a newspaper article
8- Blogging! ^_^

The benefits from creative cross training are endless; here are a few:

1- It provides a break from your normal creativity.
2- It gives you a new/better perspective on your writing.
3- It gives you a "bigger," more enjoyable life.
4- It can broaden your friendships. 
5- It can give you unexpected networking opportunities.
6- It can give you new ideas to include in your story.
7- It can provide a new, unexpected passion/hobby.
8- It can revitalize your work; provide new creative fuel.

What creative cross training do you do?