Monday, November 19, 2018

Bibliophile's Corner

A Boy, a Mouse, and a Spider
by Barbara Herkert

Flap Copy Description:
When young Elwyn White lay in bed as a sickly child, a bold house mouse befriended him. When the time came for kindergarten, an anxious Elwyn longed for the farm, where animal friends awaited him at the end of each day. Propelled by his fascination with the outside world, he began to jot down his reflections in a journal. Writing filled him with joy, and words became his world.

My Thoughts:
The recently released A Boy, a Mouse, and a Spider by Barbara Herkert is magical on multiple levels! For fans of Charlotte's Web, learning about the life of that book's author, E. B. White, will add to their knowledge of the classic children's book. For lovers of beautiful illustrations, readers will be entranced by the artwork of Lauren Castillo. For writers, learning about the journey that Mr. White took on his way to becoming the author of some of America's best-loved classics will be inspirational. Finally, for children with health issues or insecurities, learning that E. B. White had his own health challenges - and battled fears for most of his childhood - will be relatable and encouraging. I highly recommend this extraordinary picture book to readers aged four to seven. Ms. Herkert has penned another beautiful biography!

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