Monday, September 17, 2012

Bibliophile's Corner

The Search For WondLa
by Tony DiTerlizzi

Flap Copy Description:
"Don't you get it, Muthr?"
Eva said, affronted. "Look at the girl and her parent. Look at their robot. See how happy they are?"

Eva Nine had never seen the actual sun before, or walked outdoors. In fact, she had never seen another living person in all twelve years of her life. That changes when a marauding huntsman destroys her underground home and sends her fleeing for her life. She is desperate to find someone else who is like her, and a single clue gives her hope: a crumbling picture of a girl, a robot, an adult, and the word WondLa.

My Thoughts:
Tony Diterlizzi has written and illustrated a wonderfully imaginative contemporary fairy tale - The Search For WondLa - the first in his science fiction triology. The world (Orbana) and the Orbanian alphabet and language that Mr. DiTerlizzi created bring a believability to this adventure story. Through this unique tale we are invited into the trials and tribulations of the feisty protagonist - Eva Nine. I would highly recommend this 466 page middle grade novel to avid readers from the ages of ten and up.

To learn more about Tony DiTerlizzi, and the second book in his trilogy: Hero For WondLa, click here:


  1. I've gotta say, this book sound good.

    1. It really is, Loree. Parts of it do read like it's for an older reader, but all in all I loved it. (The ending is killer!)

  2. Wow, 466 pages. Great way to get middle graders to read!

    1. You're so right, Brandi. I recently heard from an author I really respect, that she feels like Sci-Fi may be the next big trend in Kid Lit. If that's true, Mr. DiTerlizzi is leading the way!