Friday, June 15, 2012

Storyteller's Journey

          Taking a Look Inside

As a young college student majoring in dental hygiene, I was required to take the same prerequisite courses as the nursing students. I will always remember one particular day in a special anatomy physiology class where we listened to our instructor lecture, as we crowded around a cadaver! Gazing into the cavity of a deceased human being was creepy and somewhat shocking to my teen-age eyes. However, it did allow me a better understanding of the form, function, and location of the major organs of the human body. I recall Dr. Erna Apsler's eastern European accent sounding something like: "Here ve have a gud ecksample of ze corpus callosum - ze fissha betveen ze right and ze left hemisphveeres."

As I peel back the layers of my WIP and take a look inside - a critical look - I'm hoping to gain a better understanding as to whether or not the important elements of my novel are correctly developed, properly placed, and serving their intended purpose. Only with that information can I make the necessary revisions to improve my manuscript. I can only imagine my dearly departed college professor (a medical doctor) saying:
"Maybe zis time you vill write ze manuscript properly!"

(Dr. Erna Apsler and her husband, Dr. Alfred Apsler, changed the face of education in our city with their high level of excellence. Their generous financial contributions continue to give students the opportunity to pursue higher education, as they have for the last four decades.)


  1. Wonderful post, Victoria. Thank you.

  2. Great post! I had fun reading your professor's quotes out loud. You nailed the accent perfectly on paper. Dr. Apsler sounded like an wonderful human being.

  3. Thanks, Linda and Loree. Dr. Apsler was one of those special people that left a lasting impression on me. She had that rare combination of a big heart, and the intelligence to go with it. Her daughter, Ruby Apsler, continues the philanthropy in the name of her parnets.

  4. "Maybe zis time you vill write ze manuscript properly!"


    Good luck with the manuscript autopsy!