Monday, June 11, 2012

Bibliophile's Corner

Get Me Out Of Here!
by James Patterson
and Chris Tedbetts

Illustrated by
Linda Park

Flap Copy Description:
Hi, I'm Rafe...and this is my latest tale of middle school madness!

* I get to move to the BIG CITY...
* but we live in the world's dinkiest house.
* I'm accepted to an AMAZING school...
* where all the kids are supersmart snobs.
* My first assignment is to create drawings based on my AWESOME life
* but I can't think of a single one.
* So I gear up for another mission, EVEN CRAZIER than my last one...
* and this time it's all about getting a life - the most INTERESTING life
   a middle schooler ever had.

So if you're ready for a super-surprising and totally off-the-wall adventure...
Well... Let's DO this thing!

My thoughts:
International bestselling author, James Patterson has lent his literary talents to his new graphic novel, MIDDLE SCHOOL - Get Me Out Of Here. Mr. Patterson does a wonderful job of capturing the challenges, and comedy, of life in middle school. With a great cast of characters, a speedy pace, and witty humor at every turn this MG novel is a great read for the lover of laughs and the passionate prankster!

To check out James Patterson's website, and to view his current television advertisement, click here:


  1. Wow, I already love the voice. Thanks for the recommendation, Victoria!

  2. I know Ruth - the hilarious first person voice really worked for James Patterson!

  3. Like Ruth, I'm already loving the voice here. Thanks for the review, Victoria. :)

  4. Sounds like an interesting book. I love the title.

  5. my boys needed a new book, sounds perfect!

  6. My interest snagged on "super-surprising and totally off-the-wall adventure." And it's witty, too? I'm in.