Monday, June 4, 2012

Bibliophile's Corner

Julie of the Wolves
by Jean Craighead George

Flap Copy Description:
Faced with the prospect of a disagreeable arranged marriage or a journey across the barren Alaskan tundra, 13-year-old Miyax chooses the tundra. She finds herself caught between the traditional Eskimo ways and the modern ways of the whites. Miyax, or Julie as her pen pal Amy calls her, sets out alone to visit Amy in San Francisco, a world far away from Eskimo culture and the frozen land of Alaska. During her long and arduous journey, Miyax comes to appreciate the value of her Eskimo heritage, learns about herself, and wins the friendship of a pack of wolves. After learning the language of the wolves and slowly earning their trust, Julie becomes a member of the pack.

My Thoughts:
Award-winning author, Jean Craighead George wrote over one hundred books for children in her long life. After she passed away on May 15, 2012 my local library set up a display of Ms. George's books in her memory. Although I had read Julie of the Wolves many years ago, I decided to read the Newbery Medal Award winning book again.

Jean Craighead George skillfully captured the life of the young Eskimo girl, Miyax (Julie) as she sets out on an unexpected journey of survival. She not only learns about her own inner strength, but about life, when she meets a pack of wolves who eventually accept her as one of their own. Ms. George's vast knowledge of Alaska and its wildlife, made this classic middle grade novel all the more believable. Julie of the Wolves is beautifully written and is a treasure to anyone who loves and respects nature.

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  1. I don't think I know this author, which is odd since she's written so many books. Thanks for introducing me to her and her book.

  2. i remember that book! reminded me of the wonderful world of dismey. they need to bring more books & shows like that to kids, like the national geographic channel, but the shows they have are more reality for ratings...

  3. I totally agree, Tara. We can always hope for PBS!

  4. I remember reading this with my girls when they were young. It was a favorite!

  5. This is such an awesome novel. One of my childhood favorites.

    1. Me, too. Ms. George was quite an author. Take care, Cynthia.