Friday, June 4, 2021

Storyteller's Journey

A Dream Come True!

For years my husband and I have dreamed of living in a place that is closer to nature, provides us with some acreage, and would give us more privacy than our lovely, but crowded, city neighborhood.

Well, it's happening!

We discovered a private, rural neighborhood just thirty minutes north of our current home. It boasts a covered bridge, a creek, two ponds, horse trails, walking trails, and a large picnic area, all for the exclusive use of its residents.

Here is our future home! It was built 25 years ago, and needs loads of work. We're postponing moving in until autumn, so we can fix the place up. We've already dubbed our new property "Fern Hill," due to numerous ferns everywhere.

Here are a few inhabitants of our new neighborhood! The first time we went to view the place, this doe and her two fawns welcomed us as we drove up the steep driveway to the house.
Needless to say, we're ecstatic with this upcoming new phase of our lives. Keeping up with my writing this summer, while fixing up this place, will be a challenge indeed. I'll be sure to post an update of our progress in September. (There's room for a new studio, too!) 

(Yes, I'm aware of the Dylan Thomas poem entitled, "Fern Hill." 😉)