Monday, May 25, 2020

Bibliophile's Corner

On the Horizon
by Lois Lowry

Flap Cover Description:
Two-time Newbery medalist Lois Lowry reflects on her own in this moving account of the lives lost and forever altered in the bombings of Pearl Harbor and Hiroshima.
Drawing on the stories of real people at Pearl Harbor and Hiroshima, as well as her own memories, Lowry introduces readers to the only set of twin sailors aboard the USS Arizona, a Japanese child folding origami cranes in the wake of the unfathomable horror of the atomic bomb, and even her own grandmother. Through each vignette, this stunning work in verse contemplates humanity and war, sings with pain and truth, and emphasizes the importance of empathy in bridging cultural divides.

My Thoughts:
While I loved Lowry's Number the Stars and The Giver (both novels won the Newbery Award), On the Horizon is my new favorite from the legendary storyteller. When I pondered upon why I felt so strongly about the book, it was clear to me that the memories of Lowry's own childhood have seasoned the beautiful vignettes in verse in an extraordinary way. At this challenging time in history, her pen has offered hope to young readers by reminding them of our country's past of both horror and heroism during World War II. I highly recommend this remarkable book to readers of all ages - it's a must-read.

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