Monday, December 10, 2018

Bibliophile's Corner

by Sean Hayes & Scott Icenogle

Flap Copy Description:
Plum will not stay glum.

For as long as she can remember, Plum has lived at the Mary Fitzgerald Orphanage, wishing and hoping for a family. When a sudden snowfall threatens a delivery of presents on Christmas Eve, Plum is determined to save Christmas—even for the kids who laugh at her.

Plum’s pure heart grants her an unexpected reward. When she eats a cake left behind by a mysterious magician, she is transported into the Land of Sweets. But Christmas here is threatened, too—by a sourness that is spreading from the center of the land. Plum’s determined to help, and in doing so, she might just find the family she’s always dreamed of, thanks to a good heart—and Christmas magic!

My Thoughts:
Plum is a unique holiday picture book, full of magic and wonder. Its story is a small reminder that maintaining a kind heart - even when others are not so nice - is its own reward. However, in this enchanting tale, Plum is also rewarded in an unexpected way: She becomes a member in a very special royal family! The lovely illustrations by Robin Thompson perfectly bring Plum to life. I highly recommend this holiday picture book for children aged three to seven!