Friday, April 6, 2018

Storyteller's Journey

The Power of Books

Since the Parkland, Florida shooting, I've come across a few comments like:
"I'm not sure why people are so surprised that the students are rising up - we've been feeding them a steady diet of dystopian literature showing teens leading the charge for years. We have told teen girls they are empowered. What, you thought it was fiction? It was preparation."
Tweet by teacher, Jennifer Ansbach

The tragedy those high school students of Margory Stoneman Douglas experienced was horrific, and something no human being - anywhere - should ever endure. That being said, the response from those brave teenagers stunned the world, and is still impacting society by their March For Our Lives two weeks ago in Washington D.C. and the "NeverAgain" movement. Their courage has caused me to ponder just what I can do, as a writer. Believing that the power of books may have played a small part in the way the MSD students responded is no little thing. It's a reminder that the role we play, as children's book authors, is abundantly important. Whether you're an author of picture books, middle grade novels, or books for young adults we all need to remember that we're speaking to the generation that will carry on long after we're gone. If one child finds solace, strength, courage, or inspiration from a book I've written, it will have been worth all my toil and effort to bring my words to life. That knowledge makes my task a responsibility, realizing that books can truly impact not only the lives of young readers, but the entire world.

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