Friday, April 27, 2018

Storyteller's Journey

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The Courage to be Confident

Most creative souls I've met struggle to be confident. Who would want to presume to be talented in their chosen field if they are not sure they have the abilities needed to back up that belief?

This has been a subject I've thought a lot about. However, after the difficult work of penning several stories for over a decade - and reading hundreds of children's books - I think I've finally found my own confidence. That being said, it doesn't mean my writing couldn't benefit from the experienced eye of a great agent, editor, or publisher. It just means I have the knowledge and ability to be in the game. It still takes courage every day to hold my head up as a writer.

In fact, in the last two years I've submitted my middle grade manuscript a total of two times. While I have claimed that I'm still revising my story, my critique partners have said it's time to consistently submit. (After all, my story has been rewritten three times, revised numerous times, and has been scrutinized by two independent editors.) The real reason for my hesitancy, is that the pain of rejection is something I've never been able to easily accept.

No one can. But for me, it has previously thrown me into an emotional ditch. Only recently have I arrived at a place where I know that with or without an agent I will write. There is freedom in realizing that fact. I know that I'm in the world of children's literature not for the destination, but for the journey. The writing is more important than the publishing.

That being said, today I'm sending my manuscript off to a few agents.
Wish me luck!

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