Monday, May 29, 2017

Bibliophile's Corner

by Claire Legrand

Flap Copy Description:
Orphan. Thief. Witch.

Twelve-year-old Quicksilver dreams of becoming the greatest thief in the Star Lands. With her faithful dog and partner-in-crime Fox, she’s well on her way—even if that constantly lands them both in trouble. It’s a lonesome life, sleeping on rooftops and stealing food for dinner, but Quicksilver doesn’t mind. When you’re alone, no one can hurt you. Or abandon you.

But the seemingly peaceful Star Lands are full of danger. Witches still exist—although the powerful Wolf King and his seven wolves have been hunting them for years. Thankfully, his bloody work is almost complete. Soon the Star Lands will be safe, free of the witches and their dark magic.

Then one day a strange old woman and her scruffy dog arrive in Quicksilver’s town and perform extraordinary magic. Real magic—forbidden and dangerous. Magic Quicksilver is desperate to learn. With magic like that, she could steal anything her heart desires. She could even find her parents.

But the old woman is not what she seems, and soon Quicksilver has to decide—will she stay at home and remain a thief? Or will she embark upon the adventure of a lifetime and become a legend?

My Thoughts:
Over the past several years I've become a fan of the books by Claire Legrand. First I read Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls, and I followed that novel up with The Year of Shadows. Both were brilliant! Now, in her recent middle grade fantasy novel, Foxheart, she treats the reader to the same excellent storytelling as in her former books. In fact, I would say this novel is even more complex and entertaining. (A good sign that an author is continuing to develop her craft!) I highly recommend Foxheart to readers from the ages of eight and up!

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