Friday, February 7, 2014

Storyteller's Journey

Public Domain Drawing
My Third Blog Anniversary!

When I started out blogging, I, like probably most bloggers, had no idea where this adventure would take me. I had hoped it would be a platform for my writing aspirations - which it has been - but the biggest benefit to blogging has definitely been meeting such awesome authors and writers. From those, a few folks have even become online friends - you know who you are!

To celebrate my first two blog anniversaries, I gave out gifts to a few well-deserving bloggers; this year I decided to make a donation to a charity to commemorate my blogging milestone. I immediately knew where I wanted the money to go: a charity benefiting the families of the victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy. I discovered the perfect destination for my donation: the University of Connecticut. I have attached the link if you are interested in joining me in aiding the siblings and children of the victims of the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut. This wonderful charity aids the victims' family members in their pursuit of higher education: Sandy Hook School Memorial Scholarship Fund.

As time goes by, you realize over and over again that your goals are great, but the most important things in life are your family and friends. Thanks to all of you who have supported me on my blogging journey.

     Here's to many more years of blissful blogging for all of us!


  1. Congratulations, Victoria, on your blogging anniversary! I will join you with a donation to the Sandy Hook Scholarship Fund! (A fine choice). :)


    1. You had a BIG part in my first blog design, so thanks, Celeste! Also, thanks so much for joining me in contributing to the Sandy Hook Scholarship Fund!