Monday, April 15, 2013

Bibliophile's Corner

Stop Pretending
what happened when my big sister went crazy
by Sonya Sones

Flap Copy Description:
One night her sister goes crazy
One night her world falls  apart
It really happens just like that, in the blink of an eye. An older sister has a mental breakdown and has to be hospitalized. A younger sister is left behind to cope with a family torn apart by grief, and friends who turn their backs on her. But worst of all is the loss of her sister, her confidante, her best friend.

My Thoughts:
This novel in verse is a poignant and painful true story of the author's experience when her big sister does in fact experience a mental breakdown. The difficult passages to read are countered with the author's own transformation, as she slowly regains her own balance in life after the family is turned upside down by the unfortunate disease of Manic Depression. The raw and honest truth of this story is sure to help many young people who have a friend or family member dealing with mental illness. I would highly recommend this novel in verse to readers from the ages of twelve and up.

To learn more about the author-poet - Sonya Sones, click here:


  1. It would be so hard to see your sibling have a mental breakdown...This story sounds good. This kind of thing happens in real life.

    1. In my opinion, this story really shines because it was written as a novel in verse. Thanks, Loree.

  2. I've heard so much about this book but never realized it was based on the author's real life experiences. Thanks for sharing Victoria!

    1. Thanks for featuring books by Sonya Sones on your blog, Amanda.