Friday, April 29, 2011

Storyteller's Journey

Looking back over the month of April I realize there was an unexpected theme in my life...visiting bookstores. Not just any bookstores - independent bookstores. On April 2nd I visited Cover to Cover Books and Espresso in Vancouver, WA. On April 9th I visited the Elliott Bay Book Company while in Seattle, WA. Then on April 15th I visited Powell's Books in Portland, OR. (See tomorrow's post!) These three are great examples of small, medium, and large bookstores. What they all have in common is that they have their own distinct personality.
     Cover to Cover Books and Espresso is a small town bookstore with a ton of tenacity. After having to move due to a fire - they are starting over. I have no doubt they will bounce back, Smedley the bookstore cat will see to that!
     The Elliott Bay Book Company is a medium sized bookstore- but very big in character. Its beautiful woodwork and frequent author readings give this store a unique Northwest personality.
     Then there is Powell's Books. This store is world famous, yet what makes it special to me is its quirkiness. From its retro sign outside, to its cracked concrete floors inside- it resists changing, at least if it's only for appearance sake.
     These three are very different, yet they all have the same independent spirit. In these tough financial times, don't forget your own city's independent bookstores. They give texture to our society...and have always been friends to writers and poets, as well as readers.

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