Monday, April 18, 2011

Bibliophile's Corner

The Curse of the Romany Wolves
by S. Jones Rogan

Jacket Copy description:
     The creatures of Porthleven are sick with what looks like "febra lupi," an illness known as the Curse of the Romany Wolves. Wolf fever is deadly - and -has no known cure.
     But Penhaligon Brush is determined to find one. He simply must or everyone he holds dear may perish! The one clue he has points him in the direction of Howling Island - a much-feared and supposedly haunted land. But ghosts are the least of his worries after he sets sail on the "Jagged Claw," a leaky ship under the command of Captain Elgato Furrari. Furrari may be a greedy double-dealing feline, but he's a pussycat next to the pirate captain Odiferous Dredge, a foul ferret who kidnaps Penhaligon. And even Dredge looks friendly next to the sea serpent chasing the ship!
     Penhaligon is in a race against time as he tries to outwit the pirates, uncover rhe secrets of Howling Island, and sail home with a cure...before it's too late!

My thoughts:
S. Jones Rogan - yet another gifted author from the British - has penned a delightful MG animal fantasy: The Curse of the Romany Wolves. This exquisitely written tale includes: colorful characters, a suspenseful plot, and beautiful descriptions of the old world countryside. Ms. Rogan states she gains inspiration from scenes around her childhood home of Snowdonia Wales, where she visits often. She now resides in Los Angeles, California. A copy of this book will soon find a place in my personal library - I loved it!

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