Monday, February 28, 2011

Bibliophile's Corner

Rabbit Hill
by Robert Lawson

On a peaceful country hill in Connecticut stands an old house, in which a family of good Folks lived for many years. They respected the Small Animals that shared their hill, but when they moved away hard times arrived. With no garden at the old house, little food was to be had, and the Small Animals were forced to "market" at the garden of Fat-Man-at-the-Crossroads! Now, at last, New Folks are coming, and the animals wonder; what kind of Folks will they be?

My thoughts:
Being partial to animal fantasy and one who appreciates good style in writing this book was a win-win for me. Evidently that was the consensus in 1945 as well, when Rabbit Hill won the Newbery Medal Award. The characters of Georgie, the rabbit; Porkey, the woodchuck; and Phewie, the skunk are just a few of the personalities that delight and entertain. I had the sense I was truly in the Connecticut countryside six decades ago - this charming book is a classic.

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