Monday, November 2, 2020

Bibliophile's Corner

The Next President
by Kate Messner and illustrated by Adam Rex

Flap Copy Description:
This compelling exploration of the presidents before they were presidents - as kids, adventurers, journalists, prospectors, gun-slingers, TV hosts, and More! - brings across powerfully that the presidents of the future could be practically anyone...including you.

My Thoughts:
The Next President is a wonderful way to present to children just how unique, and yet relatable, each of our presidents has been. Raising the concept that the child reading, or listening to, this book, just might be our next commander in chief is a fantastic message for the youth of America. The vibrant illustrations bring the informative text beautifully to life. I highly recommend The Next President to children of all ages!

Click here to learn about the author, Kate Messner.
Click here to learn about the illustrator, Adam Rex.

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