Friday, May 29, 2020

Storyteller's Journey

Art is a Light in the Darkness

I ponder a lot on the process of writing and making art; this is a quote I've composed that resonates for me:
"Creativity ignites the soul and illuminates the path."

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, I've noticed a plethora of responses, by all sorts of people, during this trying time. While many, if not most, artists are financially challenged during the best of times - right now, finances are even tighter. Despite that, those who have a passion to create art seem to fare better - at least from what I've observed.

Why is that?

Having a passion that emanates from one's heart, is like a candle that lights our way. Without that, a life is merely a series of superficial activities. While, I too, enjoy traveling, dining out, the theater, and so on, what really fulfills me is writing and reading. Consequently, my life - and the lives of my close friends - has changed very little during this time of social isolation. (I've stayed busy by working on my next book!)

Recently the award-winning children's book author and illustrator, Mo Willems, said this about the current challenges we face: "Science is going to get us out of this, but art is going to get us through this."

I couldn't agree more with that quote. While obtaining a vaccine may rescue our society from the Covid-19 Pandemic, the fact is, that each of us, individually, needs to find our way forward until then. But more importantly, we need to jealously hold on to our right to create, lest we lose it. Our world is not only sick biologically, it's also sick politically. 

Additionally, enjoying art during these challenging times - whether it's music, literature, sculpture, visual art, movies, or any number of other modes of creativity - is also extremely beneficial to our mental health.

Here is an inspirational video on why we need art, by Alain de Botton:

May creativity light your way and give hope to your heart!

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