Monday, May 18, 2020

Bibliophile's Corner

The List of Things that Will Not Change - by Rebecca Stead

Flap Copy Description:
When Bea's dad and his wonderful partner, Jesse, decide to marry, it looks as if Bea's biggest wish is coming true: she's finally (finally!) going to have a sister.
They're both ten. They're both in fifth grade. Though they've never met, Bea knows that she and Sonia will be perfect sisters. Just like sisters anywhere, Bea thinks. But as the wedding day approaches, Bea makes discoveries that lead her to a possibly disastrous choice.

My Thoughts:
Rebecca Stead's recently released The List of Things that Will Not Change is a remarkable book. Not only is the author's signature spot-on dialogue for kids on full display, her story features the important subject of gay marriage - from the perspective of a fifth grade child. The inner life of the protagonist, Bea, is also a powerful element in this extraordinary middle grade novel. I highly recommend The List of Things that Will Not Change to readers aged eight to twelve!

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