Friday, May 22, 2020

Storyteller's Journey

Motivated by iMovie!

As I've mentioned recently, I have a new children's book due to release in the near future; the cover reveal and synopsis will be posted here in two weeks. Consequently, I've been working on a book trailer for my next Lindstrom Wintertime Tale.

With my previous three book releases, I had a professional videographer create the videos for me. With the Covid-19 Crisis upon us, I decided I'd see if I could learn to create a book trailer via iMovie.

While it wasn't difficult, it wasn't easy. Here are some things to know:

1- To create a book trailer via iMovie you must use an Apple product. 

2- Two options are offered: Movie (which refers to custom), 
    or Trailer (which refers to using templates).

3- If you use Movie to create your custom trailer, like I did, you need 
    text/script, images/videos, and sound/music. (The process draws 
    images or videos via your iPad or iPhone from your photo album.)
   I learned that the app tends to crop the images quite a bit, so I used 
   another app - Pic Collage - to minimize each image before 
   beginning to make my video. Pic Collage also gave me the ability to 
   add a colored background and text to my image, so I accomplished 
   the look I was hoping for! (Horizontal images work best.)

4- Use YouTube tutorials to familiarize yourself with iMovie.
    There are videos for nearly every step of the process.

The trailer for my new book will be posted on my website soon!

Here's a practice iMovie video I made with images from my garden. The music is from my playlist, but for my actual book trailer I've purchased the right to use a piece of music from BeatSuite.

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