Friday, October 13, 2017

Storyteller's Journey

My son and daughter-in-law: David & Jessica
Finding Balance

For the last five weeks my son & daughter-in-law have lived with us while they readjusted to being back in the Pacific Northwest. In two weeks they move into a quaint little house a few miles east of us.

It's been 15 years since my son, David, lived at home full-time. In the last several weeks I've felt like I've been able to get reacquainted with my son...the adult version. I am so, so proud of both of them!

One thing I didn't expect to encounter was just how much I've changed since those days 15 years ago. It wasn't just the fact that at that time I was working full-time as a dental hygienist, I was also a full-time mom. My identity, at that time, was wrapped up in being the best parent I could be, which meant lots of music recitals, sporting events, and awards assemblies to attend. If you're a parent of a school aged child you know what I mean. Your life is full of your child's activities. In fact, I'd say that during those days I rarely made myself a priority.

Since 2002 my life has changed in numerous ways, ways that I have mentioned here on Writ of Whimsy before. When I became a full-time writer my life took a 180 degree turn! What I'm now learning (since my life is full of writing, book events, art events, etc.) is that I must WORK to make time for my family. It's a task I'm embracing, one that David and Jessica have helped me with immensely - just by being the cool people that they are! It's been another lesson in BALANCE.

Whether you're a single person, a partnered person with no children, or a partnered person with children, it's so important to work at making your family a priority. If that is easy for you, then don't forget to work at making yourself a priority. It's always about BALANCE in your life.

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