Friday, October 28, 2016

Storyteller's Journey

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         Why I Believe in Ghosts

Ghosts have fascinated me for a long time. The intrigue has nothing to do with Halloween, it has to do with my own paranormal encounter. Really!

Many years ago, right after my maternal grandmother passed away, I purchased her small home. (I was extremely close to my grandmother and had lived with her in that house while attending Clark College.)

One autumn afternoon, not long after I'd moved into the quaint house, I found myself in the throes of a personal crisis. I'll not go into it here, but suffice it to say, it was a monumental time in my life. I was lying on the very bed that had been my grandmother's, in the bedroom that a few months prior to that day had been hers, when I saw her - my dear grandmother! Her spirit was standing in the corner of the room. Her appearance filled my soul with love and peace. Somehow, I knew I would get through the difficult situation I was experiencing - which I did.

Since that day, decades ago, she's appeared to me one more time - in the house where I now live. Again, it was an emotional time, and again, her presence encouraged me with peace and love. I truly miss her.

Psychology was a course I enjoyed while in college. I know a bit about what psychologists say regarding these sorts of experiences. Stress, mental illness, etcetera can contribute to a person seeing an illusion of a lost loved one. What I saw was no illusion - it was my grandmother.

My belief in ghosts has only added to my already fertile imagination, and helped immensely when I sit down to create a story. It's no coincidence that the protagonist in my middle grade novel, Livvi Biddle, has supernatural powers and also sees ghosts and angels.

It is often said to aspiring authors, "write what you know." As you can see, writing about ghosts is something I feel I know a little bit about.

Men and women have long pondered over the possibility of an afterlife, time travel, and even ghosts and angels. On this Halloween weekend I've chosen to share my personal paranormal encounters with you!

                            Happy Halloween!

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