Monday, October 3, 2016

Bibliophile's Corner

The Storyteller
by Evan Turk

Flap Copy Description:
Long, long ago, like a pearl around a grain of sand, the Kingdom of Morocco formed at the edge of the great, dry Sahara. It had fountains of cool, refreshing water to quench the thirst of the desert, and storytellers to bring the people together.

But as the kingdom grew, the people forgot the dangers of the desert, and they forgot about the storytellers, too. All but one young boy, who came to the Great Square for a drink and found something that quenched his thirst even better: wonderful stories. As he listened to the last storyteller recount the Endless Drought, and the Glorious Blue Water Bird, he discovered the power of a tale well told.

My Thoughts:
There is so much to savor in the picture book, The Storyteller by Evan Turk! His imaginative illustrations vividly bring the country of Morocco and the Sahara Desert to life in a time long ago. That setting is wondrously woven together with a tale of magical generosity - a much needed message for all of us. Mr. Turk is quite a master storyteller himself; this exquisite tale reads like lyrical poetry. I highly recommend this beautiful book - The Storyteller - to readers of all ages!

Click here to learn more about author/illustrator, Evan Turk.


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