Monday, October 10, 2016

Bibliophile's Corner

The Skeleth
by Matthew Jobin

Flap Copy Description:
In a vast kingdom divided by power-hungry lords, land equals power. With the Nethergrim now awake, her limitless wellspring of evil means opportunity for those willing to do her bidding. One ambitious Lord, eager to overthrow his counterparts and rule the north, succumbs to temptation, helping to let loose the Skeleth, forces of energy that absorb whole anyone who attempts to kill them. In this way the slain end up as slayers, a vicious cycle that never ends.

Yet that will not stop young Edmund--an apprentice wizard--and his friends Katherine and Tom, from trying to stop the evil threatening to overtake their kingdom. Together, they team up with the legendary Tristan in a battle of courage, brains, determination, and sacrifice to stop the Skeleth and save the Barony of Elverain from being conquered.

My Thoughts:
The Skeleth is the much anticipated sequel to Matthew Jobin's The Nethergrim - I found it to be fantastic! The author has penned another captivating medieval tale, one with vivid settings, multiple points of view, and a plot that keeps you guessing right up until the last page. One of the attributes I most admire about this companion book is its complexity. The characters have matured since the debut book, and the author has revealed their growth with a more textured and poignant prose. While the first book was upper middle grade, The Skeleth is a true young adult novel. I highly recommend The Skeleth to readers aged twelve & up. (Mature readers aged ten or eleven will love it too!)

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